Scroll-stopping, standout commercial visuals


uniquely elevate and distinguish brands.

Evan is a commercial food photographer based in Portland, Maine, and available for projects nationwide. My approach combines a deep understanding of client expectations with a commitment to producing high-quality images. With a background in management consulting, he excels in building strong client relationships, ensuring that each project is a collaborative success.

My experience in recipe development and food styling gives me a unique edge in capturing the true beauty of food, drinks, and products. Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand or showcase your culinary creations, I’m here to bring your vision to life with stunning visuals.

Favorite color: Beige (yeah, I  know).

Favorite food: Pickled anything. Especially green beans.

Most hated food: Sweet potatoes. I don't get them. I just don't!

Canon, Nikon, or Sony: Team Canon.

Guilty pleasure: Cereal with preference to Lucky Charms.

College major: Industrial and Labor Relations.

First job: Hollywood Video (sorry Blockbuster).

Favorite place: Rome, Italy. Ciao a tutti i miei amici italiani!

Coffee or tea: Both. I consume loads of caffeine in all forms.

Little known fact: I use to be a high-diver at a theme park.